Electric Distribution Design & Engineering

design-engineeringElectric utility companies are increasingly updating existing systems and constructing new systems to keep up with demand and minimize outages. Our team offers sophisticated distribution design services to help you with service continuity and efficiency.

We offer power distribution design services for projects of all types and sizes. Whether you need engineering and design assistance for new customer service, line relocations, distribution upgrades, or development projects, our team is here to help create advanced systems and structures for your needs. Our team designs both overhead and underground systems to suit your needs.

Some services we offer as part of power distribution design include:

  • Field data collection
  • Cost estimation
  • Detailed design packages
  • Field staking
  • Post-construction inspection/documentation

Our turnkey distribution design services offer support from concept to construction. We partner with you to create systems tailored to your needs. Our experienced teams can help on and off the field for innovative power distribution design to help keep the power on for your customers.

We help design and manage all aspects of your project for streamlined services guaranteed to meet and exceed your expectations. We design both overhead and underground systems even in difficult terrain to provide you with the high quality systems you need.

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Turnkey Design Services for Overhead Distribution Systems

Overhead distribution systems are still some of the most cost-effective systems to install, and they’ve improved drastically over recent years. New innovations and technology can help optimize service lifecycle, minimize outages, and improve resiliency and efficiency. Whether upgrading an aging system or considering new construction, our team is here to help you design a distribution system that meets your needs. We perform all the design services you need for overhead electric distribution systems.

Our comprehensive overhead power distribution design services help ensure safe, reliable, and efficient operations to help connect you with your customers. We offer advanced and sophisticated engineering systems to help improve lifespan and resiliency as well as reduce safety hazards and outages.

When you partner with our experts at 立博备用 for your power distribution design and engineering needs, we deliver on our promises. As an industry leader for electric distribution design and engineering, we offer superior-quality deliverables for every project, large and small. There’s a reason why we’re the trusted professionals throughout the nation for distribution design. In addition to our dedication to excellence and quality, we pride ourselves on having the resources to complete any project.

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